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Our Projects

Over the years we have worked on many vessels in many countries. We have grown into a skilled support party with knowledge and experience in the field of different types of ships.

Rolls Royce Bergen overhaul

For VMS Shipping Group we have executed a major overhauling of four Rolls Royce Bergen C25:L9P main engines and major maintenance of eight SiSu 84CTAG auxillary generators. After completion all engines were tested and approved by Bureau Veritas class surveyor and handed over to the owners in excellent condition.

In Situ Steering gear overhauling

For VMS Shipping Group we recently executed a top overhauling of one Rolls Royce SR622 rotary vane actuator in Port Everglades / USA. Internal leakages made operation of the vessel verry difficulty and all top sealings and bearing were replaced.

Caterpillar 3406 on site overhauling

For Damen Shiprepair Harlingen we recently executed a major Caterpillar 3406 overhaul on beard of an offshore vessel. The engine was completely disassembled an reassembled with exchange parts and a new camshaft. After completion the engine was tested under full load in witness of DNV class surveyor and handed over to the owners in full satisfaction.

Wärtsilä 6L20 main engine overhauling

For Eemswerken BV we recently overhauled one main engine. Due to lack of time we executed this during cargo operations to keep the vessel in operation so no delays on the operation side.

Commissioning & new building

We have executed the commissioning of 25 + new vessels and organised their last newbuilding fases at the shipyards.

Get all technical installations in operation together with all subcontractors after the vessels were launched into the water.

At the end sea trials(s) were organised and tests of all systems were passed under supervising of the class to get the final certificates for the vessel valid.

Once completed the vessels official got their baptize and released to the open waters with their new  proud owners!

Bergen Rolls Royce C25 camshaft repair

For VMS Shipping Group we executed a camshaft repair on a Rolls Royce Bergen C25:L9P. Due to a failure on the high pressure fuel pump drive the fuel pump drive as well as the camshaft piece got damaged and needed to be renewed. After completion the engine was back and again in good working order.

Wärtsilä 8L20 unit replacement

For Vertom  Bojen we executed a unit exchange on the Wärtsilä 8L20 main engine. Due to a problem on the cylinder heads water entered inside the units and needed to be exchanged. After completion the engine was back and again in good working order.

Vaasa 8R32 turbo charger overhauling

As per maintenance schedule we arranged for a turbo charger overhauling on a Vaasa 8R32 main engine in Florida/ USA.

Wartsila thruster overhauling due to leaking shaft seal

Together with R&B Marine we executed a bow thruster overhauling due to a shaft seal problem on a Wärtsilä CPP bow thruster. For replacing the seals the whole unit needed to be dismantled. A full overhauling in workshop was executed. After completion the unit was placed back into the vessel.

Cyliner head change Bergen Rolls Royce C25L33

Due to water leakages on exhaust valve seats and injector sleeves we executed a cylinder head change on a Bergen Rolls Royce C25:33L9p main engine. To safe time exchange cylinder head were arranged for exchange. After completion the engine was back in good working order.

Vaasa 32 Cylinder head repacking

Due to bad cooling water treatment water leakages on cooling water jackets were present end needed to be replaced. All cylinder heads were removed and repacked on board with new sealings. After completion the main engine was back in good working operation.

Exhaust pipe repairs Wärtsilä 6L26

Due to exhaust gas leakages caused by corrosion on the main exhaust pipes all exhaust pipes were renewed and installed with new sealing. Also the governor was exchanged by a overhauled unit. After completion engine was tested and governor was adjusted.

Camshaft dammage Vaasa 32

Due to cam follower failure the camshaft of the main engine got damaged. New cam follower and camshaft piece was installed. After completion engine was tested and back in good working order.

Commissioning works for HEM

new project soon


new project soon