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Total Support For Marine is founded by me as current owner Kim van den Brom.

I started my career as an field service engineer by Wärtsilä and carried out maintenance- and overhauling on medium speed Vaasa, Wärtsilä, Bolnes and Stork engines for about 7 years in the field.

Later in my career I also carried out commissioning of new engines with automation systems for propulsion installations for several years.

After that period I stepped into a new world and became a founder of my own business and  “Dynamica Yacht Service BV”

I worked for Superyacht shipyard as: Vitters, Royal Huisman, Balk Shipyard, Amels and carried out installation works of complicated hydraulic installations, domestic water and air conditioning installations. Adjusting in the works and flexibility is a must, patience even more. I mostly got the complicated problems to solve and that kept me going and gave me even more energy.

The project managers knew that and filled my days with plenty works on board.

After 2 years I went back to my roots and started as an commissioning engineer by an newbuilding shipyard “Bijlsma Shipyard Lemmer” and the company name changed into Total Support For Marine while this was more in line with the execution of the works.

That gave me a new challenge got in contact with my colleagues from Wärtsilä engines again and carried out the commissioning of Multi cargo- and container vessels.

From that time I knew this is my world to be. The blood was running in the right veins.
Then the world crises kicked into the world and the shipyard got cancellation of orders and the newbuilding slowed down.

The last 4 vessels were delivered but did not have an owner. A shipping company VMS Shipping Group was born and a “Technical Superintendent” was needed to operate and assist the vessels. I was asked to do this as I knew all vessels the best. I did this for about 8 years on freelance basis and we arranged all maintenance on the main engines and the most technical systems in the Engine room.

As the fleet was growing  fast and the maintenance was increasing we decided to separate the works and this brought me where I am now . At this moment my company is still active in the shipping industry all over the globe for different companies and shipyards.

In the meantime my two sons are getting educated an prepared and hopefully can take over the company in the future. The Engineer profession is becoming extinct and well-trained engineers with the right attitude is becoming a growing problem. I am lucky and proud that our sons have the same DNA in their blood and that the company hopefully can continue to exist.

Our profession will always remain important in any technical sector.

At your Service,

Kim van den Brom